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Kainos Group plc is a high growth, high margin, UK-headquartered provider of Digital Services and Digital Platforms.

Kainos was founded in 1986 and has over 1,300 people across eleven offices in Europe and the US, working interchangeably across its Services and Platforms divisions.

Kainos is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: KNOS).

Digital Services

The Group’s Digital Services include full lifecycle development and support of customised Digital Services for government and commercial customers. Kainos is also the leading European partner for Workday, Inc. (‘Workday’), responsible for implementing Workday’s innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for enterprise and, now, government customers.

Digital Transformation

The delivery of customised online digital solutions, principally for central, regional and local government departments and agencies (“UK government”) and for commercial sector organisations. The solutions provided are highly cost-effective and make public-facing services more accessible and easier to use for the citizen and customer. Within central government, Kainos operates across Land Registry, Home Office, Cabinet Office, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, HM Probation and Prison Service Ministry of Justice, Department for Transport and the Department for International Development, delivering a combination of existing and new programmes. The number of commercial clients in UK, Ireland and Germany continues to increase. Kainos, in conjunction with NHS Digital, is delivering significant elements of the Empower People pillar (which includes NHS Online and The NHS Apps Library).

Workday Implementation

The provision of consulting, project management, integration and post deployment services for Workday’s software suite, which includes cloud-based software for Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Management that enables enterprises to organise their staff efficiently and to support financial reporting requirements. Kainos first engaged with Workday in 2010, deploying Workday’s HCM platform at organisations such as Grant Thornton, United Drug Group and Travelex and is now one of the most experienced participants in Workday’s partner ecosystem. Kainos remains the only boutique Workday partner headquartered in the UK and one of only 35 partners globally accredited to implement Workday’s innovative SaaS platform. In addition to the delivery of Workday for new customers, Kainos is increasingly involved in supporting the operation of customers that are already live on the Workday platform.

Digital Platforms

The Group’s Digital Platforms comprise specialised digital platforms in the mobile healthcare and automated testing arenas. Smart is an automated testing platform for Workday customers; Evolve Electronic Medical Records (‘EMR’) is the market-leading product for the digitisation of patient notes in the Acute sector of the NHS; and Evolve Integrated Care (‘IC’) is a SaaS-based integrated care platform for the NHS and international healthcare providers.

Smart Automated Testing (Smart)

Smart is a proprietary software tool that allows Workday customers to automatically verify their Workday configuration both during implementation and in live operation. Smart is the only automated testing platform specifically designed for the Workday product suite. Smart is a cloud-based SaaS solution licensed on a subscription basis to customers.

Evolve Electronic Medical Record (Evolve EMR)

Evolve EMR is a proprietary software product that removes paper from the care process by digitising NHS patient records, thereby enabling efficient healthcare and supporting Digital Maturity programmes. EMR features in-built electronic forms and workflow that allows patient information to be captured and routed electronically, saving time and effort, and helping to improve quality of patient care. Historically, Evolve EMR core product has been sold to customers as a one-off perpetual licence, however in 2017 Evolve Cloud EMR was launched which offers the same software platform on a hosted, managed service basis.

Evolve Integrated Care (Evolve IC)

Evolve IC is a mobile-optimised integrated care platform, designed to automate common care pathways for healthcare delivery organisations. It simplifies the provision of healthcare by integrating disparate healthcare systems and results in easier access, better outcomes and lower cost. Evolve IC is a cloud-based SaaS solution licensed on a subscription basis to customers.