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Our Strategy

The strategy of the Group is to achieve sustained revenue, profit and cash flow growth in its chosen markets by:

Maintaining the quality and loyalty of staff

through continued investment in career development and by providing interesting, varied and rewarding careers for the brightest graduates and experienced hires;

Continuing to invest in the Group’s staff

to ensure that the Group delivers high levels of customer satisfaction;

Creating intellectual property across the Group

to build on its existing track record of developing significant proprietary intellectual property to continue to enhance its existing verticals as well as identifying opportunities for new markets;

Increasing the Group’s market share

with the purpose of targeting potential new customers and exploiting the opportunity created by the Government’s ‘Digital by Default’ approach to citizen interactions; the changing procurement dynamics in the NHS following the demise of the NPfIT; and the migration of key ERP software solutions to a SaaS delivery model;

Maintaining the level of attention paid to the Group’s customers

to ensure that they are satisfied and willing to stay engaged with Kainos for even longer periods; and

Exploiting the growth of Big Data and Analytics

across Kainos’ industry verticals by strengthening the Group’s capabilities in this area, both through direct investment in skills and by partnerships.